Q: What is a financial coach?

A: A master financial coach is someone who helps others with their finances. Coaches help people who have a wide range of money issues—from crisis situations and budgeting issues, all the way to saving and investing for retirement. A Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach uses Dave Ramsey’s principles to meet people where they are and show them how to win with money.

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Q: What is the difference between financial advisor and a financial coach?

A: A financial advisor focuses on your money’s behavior. A financial coach focuses on your behavior with your money.

Q: Do you make money off of selling me products?

A: Nope. I am not a banker/financial advisor/realtor/mortgage officer or anything else that requires all those letters after your name. So there is nothing for me to sell you. I will refer you to those people in my network, but you will work directly with them.

Q: I'm broke! I can't afford coaching. Can I use a credit card/installment plans?

A: Coaching isn't cheap. It's very time intensive. And for someone who feels like they are drowning in their finances, it's the best investments they can make. My experience is that most Americans can find the money for something if they are motivated. And I want you to be motivated and invested in your journey. Because of this and how much time I put in, I am unable to take installment plans. To make it easier, you only pay for one session at a time and I don't lock you in to any "bundles."

Dave has a better explanation and some simple tips to pay for coaching here.

Q: What is the difference between coaching and Financial Peace University (FPU)?

A: FPU is a 9 week class with videos, a workbook, and live coordinators with varying financial knowledge. The information is excellent, but broad. My coaching is based on everything you learn in FPU, but targeted directly to you and your needs. Think personal trainer vs. a fitness class. In many situations, FPU and a couple of sessions with me is all you need and I will get you in a discounted class online or near your home.

Q: My spouse is not on board. Can I still get coaching?

A: The number one cause of divorce in North America is money fights and money problems. Because of that I will only meet outside of an introductory call in extreme situations. Coaching you without your spouse's involvement will just make things worse. However, I will be happy to do an intro call and go over some suggestions and ideas to get him/her to at least be in the meeting. Ultimately, without the spouse in attendance I can only refer you to marriage counseling or a Financial Peace University Class.